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Latest developments in eMedication Management: Highlights from eMM 2015 in Sydney

holding pic eMM2015Australian hospitals where electronic medication management (eMM) systems have been implemented have indicated that eMM was the most complex system and process redesign project they had undertaken and so, we’d like to thank all the speakers, sponsors and attendees who helped make the 2015 eMM conference in Sydney such a success by sharing their experiences and learnings.

eMM system implementation affects almost all the hospital’s clinical staff and many aspects of the hospital’s business and the 2015 conference shared the challenges, solutions and success stories of various eMM journeys and roadmaps across Australia and included case studies from Canada, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

The event brought together:

  • 150 + attendees
  • 33 + expert speakers from Australia and abroad
  • 20 + LHDs
  • 3 + workshops
  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Leading commercial exhibitors
  • Cutting edge technology & eMM projects

We’d like to share presentations from some of the key topics which included:

  • Essential elements for effective eMM models
  • The cost effectives of eMM
  • Implementation approaches in private & public healthcare sites
  • Defining a realistic scope for the vendor selection process
  • Directing and training staff on the eMM journey
  • Closed-loop medication management
  • The importance of terminology standardisation
  • Introducing additional safety aspects to eMMs
  • Refining, upgrading & integrating systems

We look forward to working on the 2016 agenda and in the meantime, watch the video below to view the highlights of the 2015 eMM conference

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