Maintenance Planning Mastery – Case Study for an Australian Manufacturer

Adrian StephanInforma Corporate Learning recently held an onsite training course for a very large Australian manufacturer and asked the course instructor Adrian Stephan to give us an overiew of how the course went and the outcomes:

“Beginning with a site visit of the manufacturing plant the day before, this was always going to be a more interesting training experience than most. There is nothing more rewarding to an instructor than to actually see where the practical tools, information and skills imparted will be directly applied and to hear that what was learnt will produce some real benefits. I soon realised that faced with such a complex situation, covering the necessary material in a one-day program was going to be a challenge.

The participants all had engineering, or other technical backgrounds, but needed to up-skill in maintenance, by learning to maximise the potential of their existing software system and implement more sophisticated maintenance scheduling systems and principles. They are possibly commissioning a new system and wanted some insights into what they might best consider. If all of these aims could be achieved then they expected to be more proactive in preventing breakdowns and more effective at troubleshooting. They also wanted to learn about relevant industry standards and benchmarking in similar industries in Australia.

The after course feedback would suggest these aims were met and in some areas well exceeded. It proved to be a very satisfying day for all concerned. I’ve offered to return to assist with higher level applications for which we have laid the foundations and look forward to building this relationship with the client in the future.

Adrian Stephan”

If you would like help with training the staff who manage your organisations maintenance program, contact a training consultant for more information on public or customised training.

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