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Chain of Responsibility

The National Heavy Vehicle Laws are on the verge of commencing, meaning a new rule book will apply in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia regarding vehicle standards, fatigue management and chain of responsibility.

It is therefore vital that all links in the supply chain is fully aware of its obligations under Chain of Responsibility legislation and we are pleased to share with you some some presentations from our Chain of Responsibility 2012 conference which gave practical advice into CoR compliance.

Peter Wells, Director Customer and Compliance, Roads and Maritime Services on Chain of Responsibility compliance and enforcement from the perspective of road authorities



Alan Pincott, Transport Safety Services Officer for VicRoad shares insights into the fundamental reasons why rollovers occur and applying best practices to prevent them



And Paul Thompson, Special Counsel, Sparke Helmore Lawyers gives some practical advice on CoR and Safe Rates – What your business needs to know!



Chain of Responsibility 2013 will be held on 2nd December at the Sydney Harbour Marriott. For more details please visit the conference website

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