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Infrastructure prime minister making headway, or is it smoke and mirrors?

The newly appointed Minster for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, is the first step to fulfilling the Prime Minister-elects new focus on infrastructure. But what infrastructure projects has Tony Abbott backed so far?

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Image courtesy of the Guardian

Image courtesy of the Guardian

Many experts have criticised the PM’s policy on the NBN, stating that a fibre to the node option will only leave room formore work and costs later on. Telecommunications expert David Braue stated that prior to the election, the NBN policy didn’t make the cut into the Liberal party’s six key priorities.

Public transport is another major issue with projects in NSW and Victoria being jettisoned by a road oriented transport plan. The East-West Link and the WestConnex are two road priorities that the Prime Minster-elect has prioritised over public transport initiatives.

Image courtesy SMH

Image courtesy SMH

If the Prime Minister is to earn his title at the Infrastructure PM, experts have discussed the need to integrate all infrastructure options into one multi-modal plan.

Professor John Wilson who represented Engineers Australia at the Victorian Transport Infrastructure summit discussed the need for a holistic plan to address our infrastructure backlog:

“The Melbourne Metro [rail tunnel] is a game changer – having freeways that aren’t connected by public transport doesn’t make sense from a holistic perspective”

Professor Wilson discussed the need for a multitude of infrastructure projects, but he stated that funding is the biggest challenge to getting the ball rolling:

”We’re at the stage where we know the solutions; but the problem is funding”

Let us know if you think the infrastructure Prime Minister is making a good start, or do you think more work needs to be done first?

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