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Driving innovation in rail operation & training

The Adelaide based rail operator Genesee & Wyoming Australia plays a vital role in the national minerals sector, operating nearly 5,000 km of railroad in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

In his 8 years as managing director at G&W Australia, Robert Easthope has led the company’s growth in its largest operating region and has achieved a world-class safety record. At AusIntermodal 2012, Mr Easthope talked about the organisation’s goal of being recognised as the world’s safest and most respected rail service provider.

In March 2013, Greg Pauline has taken over as the company’s managing director from Mr Easthope, who has moved on to a strategic development role within G&W.  In a recent interview with Adelaide Now, Mr Pauline said he will focus on driving innovation and productivity in its day to day operations and in training. “At the moment it takes 36 months to teach a train driver,” he says. “We want to bring our training time down to a sensible level. With a bit of supplementary work we can do that.”

Greg Pauline will be speaking in more detail about his future plans for G&W Australia at the SA Transport Infrastructure Summit the 12th -13th June 2013 in Adelaide. He is part of an outstanding speaker panel, including a keynote address by SA’s Minister for Transport Tom Koutsantonis, who has only recently taken over the transport portfolio and will be outlining the state government’s future priorities.

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