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Counting down to AusRAIL 2012

My, how fast time has flown! Where did the year go?

Oh yes, planning the biggest non-PLUS AusRAIL year yet. It is real and it is happening in less than a week and AusRAIL HQ is busy and frantic, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the smooth cool front that the team have on.

We’d loved to give you all the information you can get in one place – the AusRAIL website.

However, at previous AusRAIL events, we realised that sometimes people queue for a long time to have a simple question answered ie which rooms are the technical streams being held, dress code, social function venues, dietary requirements notification. Thus, we’ve created an AusRAIL FAQ section on the website to hopefully answer all, if not most, of the questions that you have.

So, if you have what you think is a simple and common question, please refer to our FAQ section before you wait in line!

P/S: If you’re on Twitter, AusRAIL will be buzzing on Twitter via the official AusRAIL channel @AusRAIL and hashtag #AusRAIL.

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