Maritime & Transport

Understanding the real costs to daily car trips

Australian cities are confronted with worsening traffic congestion – a trend that has significant negative economic effects. A recent Sydney study by Booz and CO has found that bus congestion between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the City alone is costing the state and commuters $13 million a year in lost revenue and wasted time.

Dr. John Rose, Professor at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney spoke at the 2nd annual Urban Congestion conference about a potential pathway to introducing congestion pricing in Australia. Prior to his presentation, he spoke to the ABC about coming up with a better way to charge drivers for their car trips.

What are your thoughts on Professor Rose’s proposal? Are Australian’s undervaluing the costs of their daily car trips? If you want to learn more about the true costs of traffic congestion, take a look at Phil Potterton’s presentation about the costs and benefits of congestion charging. Mr. Potterton is an Executive Consultant with GHD and previously was the the Executive Director of the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics where he directed projects in infrastructure appraisal, demand trends, pricing and regulation.

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